Sprucegel Cork Coasters – Natural and Ecofriendly (Pack of 4, Round)


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Country of Origin: India

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Product Description:

These cork coasters are natural, tree bark based, biodegradable and sustainable. The absorbent property of these corks protects your furniture surfaces from liquid stains. The soft and cushioning effect of these  cork coasters can prevent scratches and pressure spots arising from sharp edges of glass, metal utensils (cups, mugs, jars etc.) when placed on furniture. Great alternative to plastic based coasters that are good for home, office, hotels and restaurants. The product comes in plastic-free and recyclable and ecofriendly packaging.

Advantages of Cork:

  • Ecofriendly, sustainable and completely natural product
  • The raw materials are sourced from farming of cork oak trees
  • Great alternative to non-renewable, petroleum based plastic coasters
  • BPA and other toxic chemicals free product
  • Moisture and shock absorbing property
  • Low maintenance and easy to dispose

Product Features:

Size: 11-12 cm.

Shape: Round

Thickness: 5 mm.

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 cm


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