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The BamCo’s Tail Comb is a hair styling tool that is used to part or section hair as well as combing it.

Handcrafted yet perfectly finished, the BamCo’s Tail Comb is made of neem tree wood hence comes with all the good qualities of Neem. It controls hair loss and dandruff if used regularly. The tail of this comb parts your hair precisely. So you need not always depend on parlours to style your hair – with the BamCo’s Neem Wood Tail Comb you can do it at comforts of your home. the BamCo’s Neem Wood Combs enhances beauty of your hair and are natural Hair Styling Tools that controls hair loss and may promote hair regrowth.


Benefits of using this comb

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Good for styling you’re the way you want
  3. Promotes hair growth
  4. Reduces breakage, damage and hairfall
  5. Massages scalp
  6. Reduces dandruff
  7. Add shine to your hair

Static charge can be harmful for our hair and scalps. Generally, plastic combs (that are used widely) leads to generating electro-static energy, a key reason for weak hair roots.


Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 22 × 10.5 × 8.5 cm

Design a Sustainable Living Mantra with The BamCo

Why Choose The BamCo Over Plastic Products? 

Apart from helping you doing your bit to save mother nature, The BamCo products helps you 

  • Promote an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle
  • Offer Zero-waste products so that you don’t harm nature in any way
  • With nature-friendly packaging made out of recyclable material 

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