Patrah was conceived as a brand because we wanted to adopt an eco-friendly approach to fashion. Patrah is a slow fashion clothing brand. Vegan, eco-friendly and artisanal. Our ethos pivots around comfort, feel, and functionality. Our goal is to Sustain. Sustain the environment by making use of biodegradable fabrics. Sustain the art of Handloom and also sustain the artisans making high quality fabrics.

We believe in ‘Slow fashion’ that is to embrace long-lasting, durable clothes that will always be in vogue and avoiding tons and tons of waste which corrupts our planet’s resources. 

  • We create daily wears for a greater and positive impact on the environment.
  • We use Handloom fabrics that also help generate income for heritage artisans.
  • We use natural and eco-friendly dyes.
  • Raw materials of our sustainable fabrics are grown in drought-prone areas.
  • Our designs are Timeless, encouraging everyone to embrace slow fashion.
  • Our garments are Biodegradable. 

With every purchase you make at Patrah you’re helping the artisans sustain their art and also providing for their families. Our initiative to generate income for the artisans has helped many artisans in keeping their heritage art alive. Your contribution will only add to the glory of beautiful craftsmanship and diligence of the artisans. 


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