We promote and strongly believe in mindful consumption. We are an ethical, sustainable and fair trade brand based in Hyderabad, India. The commitment to lovingly provide people with goods that are mindfully created with great quality material is our number one priority. We value local production with its efficiency, passion and high quality- and respect the people who make these wonderful items through mindful methods and ensure that there is no harm to the environment or society.

We remain 100% transparent both with our consumers and our partners. We strongly believe that emotional quotient is as important as digital and technological advances and continue to make personal relationships with our consumers and partners outside digital transactions.


Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware of what we are doing and not overtly reacting by what is going around us. In terms of consumption, mindfulness is the understanding of what you purchase and why you purchase it. Its opposite is the constant accumulation of stuff which is similar and repetitive, without any thought given to the planet or other people.


Certain consumers now want a simple, sustainable and self-sufficient life. What does it mean? It means that the consumer is fully aware of what they purchase- the product qualities and features as well as the story behind the item and the brand. Complete mindfulness means being aware of the impact of the purchase on the people who made the product and the world as a whole. The mindful consumer is more aware of their power towards the world. They realize that every time they buy a product or service, they vote for the world they want. This results into consumers who are more conscious about the things they consume. These consumers wear and carry the change they want to see. Mindful consumption is respect for not just people, but for the planet at large. The important question is- what kind of a world do you vote for?

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Your choice has power. The power to change lives. The power to change the world. To change the lives of farmers, spinners, weavers, printers, tailors, designers, artists and many more who are crafting their souls into everything that you choose to buy. Your fashion should tell a story about both you and the artist who made that fashion for you. And when you exercise this power consciously, kindly and with full awareness, you are a mindful consumer.

Mindful consumption is a combination of two essential elements- Mindful Mindset and Mindful Behaviour.

Mindful Mindset- A sense of caring towards self, community and environment

Mindful Behaviour- Making a conscious choice while making your purchase and choosing things that are good for yourself, the community and the environment.

Mindfulness extends to both the way the products are made, and how you are choosing to add things to your lives. It is about authenticity of organisations and the rising importance of craftsmanship and local sourcing. A mindful consumer looks for companies who practice ‘betterness’. A mindful consumer asks “What sincere difference does this product or service make?” As an organisation, we wish to answer this question.

I Made Your Clothes


Wudbox is a cosy corner for all you most awesome mindful consumers with a compassionate concern towards self, community and environment. We are an ethical, sustainable and organic brand (We are mindful also, just like you). Our commitment to lovingly provide your with goods that are mindfully created with great quality material is our number one priority. We value local production with its efficiency, passion and high quality- and respect the people who make these wonderful items through mindful methods and ensure that there is no harm to the environment or society. We remain 100% transparent about what we do and are immensely proud to be creating a brand for you- the Mindful Consumer. For this, we have lovingly curated products for all you people who want to make conscious choices that are good for your well being, for the community of people who produce them and good for environmental sustainability. We seek products made from the rawest materials, ingredients and fabrics that are made sustainably and with minimal or no impact to the environment.

As a brand, we encourage you to ask the questions a Mindful Consumer asks, and even more. “Who made my clothes?” “What is the benefit of this shampoo?” “Are these shoes made of recycled material?” “How is this making a positive impact on the world?” This transparency and clarity is what comes through in our philosophy of ‘Buy Well | Buy Aware’- We believe that you can make a difference to the world and we want you to be informed and aware about every detail of the purchase you make. We want you to make a positive impact on the planet by making the right, mindful choice. From raw materials to final products, we strive to be Mindful ourselves so that we can help you make smart and purposeful decisions to feel good about your purchase. For us, being an ethical and mindful brand is not a fashion statement, it is an element of who we are. It is the reason we wake up early, sleep late and work all day to ensure that you, as a Mindful Consumer, get the best quality of products that you not only desire, but deserve.


1. Ethical

We believe in equal treatment for everyone who works and partners with us- this includes fair trade practices, respect for the weavers and artisans and recognition of effort. We partner with brands that share the same thoughts and respect their workers by providing them with safe work environments and fair pay and appreciation. We also believe in doing businesses that are good for the environment and do not cause any harm to the ecology.

2. Sustainable

We believe in maintaining harmony between our actions and their consequences. Through limited exploitation of resources and a core belief of giving back to the world, we are in a constant effort to balance our profits with the benefits to the world. Sustainability in its true sense of People, Planet and Profits is at the core of our philosophy and we live by it.

3. Mindful

Being mindful for us is understanding the impact we can make in the world through our small actions. Being aware of what the consumer needs, how can we best provide it and in a manner that is beneficial to them, us, everyone who is a stakeholder and the planet as a whole. We try and understand the story behind every item in our store, every brand that partners with us and every consumer we come in contact with. This inspires us and encourages us to do more each day.

4. Transparent

As a brand, we believe in transparency and clarity with both our Partners and Consumers. We encourage our consumers to ask us questions about our processes, services and products- and try to answer to the best of our abilities. We believe that our Partners are the pillars of our existence and we are in constant touch with them to stay tuned in and understand each other’s needs. Our entire operations is open, straightforward and clear- this gives us a clear leverage by making us both vulnerable and strong at the same time.