Online Sustainable Menstruation Workshop

Topic: Interactive online workshop on sustainable menstruation.

Date: 28th May 2020, 6 pm

Place: At you home, its an online workshop

Registration Fees: Rs.199

Expert: Chakrasthitha

Come and meet an expert on the topic, Chakrasthitha, who has worked as a Biomedical Engineer at Manipal Hospitals and other institutions. Her passion towards women health has driven her to be a volunteer at Green the Red, an NGO working on sustainable menstruation and she has conducted more than 200 workshops on the topic for girls and women.

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See what our previous participants have to say:

Periods are a pain- aren’t they? And even more painful are the myths and assumptions around it. So let’s solve your pain and talk about a topic which needs no introduction but is avoided by many.

Let’s talk about periods.

Chakrasthitha will join us live to talk about multiple aspects around menstruation and about sustainable alternatives to period pain in this workshop.

  • Breaking taboos around menstruation
  • Myths and facts
  • Sustainable alternatives for happy periods
  • Interactive audio video question & answer session


  • Presentation
  • Reading Material

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