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You might think that it is almost impossible to avoid plastic entirely, but there are various effective ways to limit your exposure. Focus on these three areas of your life to see the biggest returns. 😊🌿

1. Grocery Shopping

If you shop for groceries the way our society assumes you will, you’re guaranteed to come home with loads of plastic. People walk into a store empty-handed, assuming they’ll be provided with all of the necessary packaging to transport food home, but this is crazy! If you can change that mindset and view shopping as an assignment that requires key tools, as well as sufficient time to do it right, then you can drastically reduce the amount of waste you bring home (and inadvertently pay for). These ‘tools’ include reusable bags, containers, and boxes for carrying everything.

2. Bath and Body Care Products

Personal hygiene habits can be hard to break, but they bring significant health advantages. Many products commonly found in bathrooms contain unsafe chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and respiratory issues. You’re better off without them. Buy things like unpackaged natural bar soap.

3. Food On The Go

How many times have you found yourself far from home and ravenously hungry? Those are the moments when one’s commitment to plastic avoidance tends to fall apart. Pack all the food you’ll need when you leave the house. Whether it’s your daily commute to work or a multi-hour road trip, make sure you’ve got all the snacks and drinks you’ll need along the way.

Check out some cool plastic free options below!