7 Zero Waste Bathroom Accessories

Are you wanting to live zero waste? The zero waste lifestyle movement is one of the most popular things these days with individuals making efforts to reduce consumption in their homes.

And one of the easiest places to achieve a zero waste, eco-friendly lifestyle is your bathroom! Whether it’s a natural loofah, plastic free ear buds or biodegradable bodywash, sourcing sustainable products for your bathroom is much easier than you would have imagined. 

In fact, by replacing many of the products you use on a daily basis with eco-friendly alternatives, you’ll find that you’ll reduce packaging and other types of waste in your home as well. Bathroom waste is generated both from personal hygiene and grooming (plastic toothbrushes and disposable razors) and by the products we use to keep bathrooms clean ( bleach bottles and glass cleaners).

Both of the above create unnecessary plastic packaging while also containing all kinds of harmful chemicals that damage our water bodies and the environment. As you move towards a zero waste lifestyle, the bathroom is one of the places you need to look at.

In order to help you find the ideal alternatives to your existing, wasteful products, we’re here to help. Discover the best zero-waste bathroom products here and give your zero-waste journey a makeover today.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are a huge problem when it comes to plastic with more than billions thrown away every year. There are many options available- charcoal, different shapes, fully plant based and others.


We love keeping our hair presentable- and that involves use of shampoo. But traditional shampoos come in plastic bottles and contain chemicals which damage your hair and the environment. With shampoo bars and natural shampoos, you can transform your bathroom into a zero waste haven.

If you are not sure about chemicals in shampoos, find out more about how paragons and sulphates can damage you and the environment here.

Safety Razor

We’ve come to think of those little plastic disposable razors as “standard”, tossing the detachable heads (or the entire thing) in the bin without a second thought. But it is now time to switch to a biodegradable safety razor that has no plastic and can be used in the same way as your “standard” one.


You don’t replace your combs often, but there are still a lot of plastic ones out there. But now with a wide variety of combs available, you can take your pick of eco-friendly hair products and live zero waste.

Cotton Buds

Traditional cotton buds have a plastic stem, and this has been easily replaced by bamboo and wood in recent years. They’re available easily and work just as well as their non-compostable counterparts.


Bar soap always has the potential to be a zero waste purchase if made from natural ingredients. Choosing a bar that is made from natural ingredients and free from chemicals is an easy and great start. 


Don’t fall for the plastic scrub gloves and ‘fluffy’ shower exfoliators! Natural loofahs are great for the skin and are wonderful for you and the environment.

These were just some of the alternatives that can make you switch to a zero waste bathroom easily. Try them out and see how you can make your home more eco-friendly and zero waste. Welcome the sustainable lifestyle!

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