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Switch to Bamboo Products: A Sustainable Alternative to Plastic

Switch to Bamboo: Sustainable Alternative to Plastic

Sustainability and climate action have become the norm for both individual consumers and institutional consumers. The reality of climate change and the urgency of action is being well recognised by all and this is leading to a strong planet first movement, where eco-friendly products are coming to the forefront. What Are Eco-Friendly Products Eco-friendly products […]

All About Sustainable Procurement & How to Go About It

Sustainable Procurement

With governments and companies around the world concentrating on ESG i.e. environmental, social and governance parameters, a sustainable supply chain and procurement has become extremely important. Sustainable procurement is a procurement approach that considers social, economic and environmental impacts of procured goods and services in addition to their functional requirements and price. It aims to […]

Choose Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly initiatives are the need of the hour and not just an option anymore. In addition to building brand credibility, these initiatives also give a clear competitive advantage as multiple brands are looking to go green now. Several years ago, going green was something that only niche or forward-thinking companies would promote. Today, however, engaging […]

Simple Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies which includes lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater. Pollution of water due to human activity is a major issue, especially as we ramp up our production of potentially harmful substances. Not only does water pollution result in contaminated water, but it also hurts the wildlife that depends on safe […]

Sustainable Personal Care: Why, What & How?

The consumer of today isn’t interested in the product — they’re interested in the process of making the product. As public interest in sustainability rises, the need for more natural and environmentally-friendly emulsifiers and ingredients for personal care products is growing in tandem. The benefits of “green” beauty products extend beyond trends — multiple studies […]

How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

Imagine walking inside any big company or an average office. What do you expect to see there? Noisy electronic devices, such as printers and shredders. Trashcans full of non-essential paper, cabinets full of mugs and other single-use objects. The office set-up has had a significant negative impact on the planet. Therefore, many business owners now do their utmost to supplement […]

7 Zero Waste Bathroom Accessories

Are you wanting to live zero waste? The zero waste lifestyle movement is one of the most popular things these days with individuals making efforts to reduce consumption in their homes. And one of the easiest places to achieve a zero waste, eco-friendly lifestyle is your bathroom! Whether it’s a natural loofah, plastic free ear buds or biodegradable bodywash, […]