How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

Imagine walking inside any big company or an average office. What do you expect to see there?

Noisy electronic devices, such as printers and shredders. Trashcans full of non-essential paper, cabinets full of mugs and other single-use objects.

The office set-up has had a significant negative impact on the planet. Therefore, many business owners now do their utmost to supplement eco-friendly approaches in the workplace.

Over recent years, companies are increasingly looking for cutting-edge methods to promote an eco-friendly environment, in addition to their business functions. Eco-friendly office changes have become an important part of business responsibility also.

Not only that, now they represent an influential aspect when it comes to deciding to be competitive in the future. Furthermore, a sustainable workplace can have a positive effect on the employees and their mindset, their health, and their productiveness.

The goal is to reduce the negative impact caused by offices on the environment and have “green” offices. These spaces have the aim to reduce their footprint, mostly in regard to CO2 emissions.

To make things simpler, here are 5 ways in which you can transform your office into an eco-friendly space.

Start a Sustainability Team for Your Office

A sustainability team can spread awareness to educate the staff and enable a recycling program. They can also guide on how to be more energy efficient and use green cleaning supplies.

Go Paperless

Because we are in the digital age, the use of paper and printers have decreased in the past two decades. Diminishing the use of paper can be very cost effective and eco-friendly. Even if you want to use paper, you can always use ethical paper instead of the regular one. Want to know more?

Invest in a Bottleless Water Dispenser

Smart water coolers and having glasses of your own will help significantly in reducing the need for plastic bottles or cans.

Decorate the Office with Plants

More than just their aesthetic value, plants serve a bigger purpose of reducing carbon emissions. They also help in cleaning the air and naturally purifying it. A great idea to get seed paper stationery that can be used to make new plants! Check out more about seed paper here.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

Every office product has an eco-friendly alternative. These include recycled stationery, natural cleaners, natural fibre cloth and others.

Encourage your office colleagues and management to go eco-friendly. A lot of companies are doing it- so should you!

And if you need help in making your office eco-friendly, you know you can always reach out to us by clicking here.


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