Be The College Fashionista!!

College is about to start and you are frantically trying to figure out your look for the coming session. Whether you are a fresher or not, college for all of us means exploring our fashion and defining our personalities. In school, we were stuck with boring uniforms (although uniforms have also become cooler over the years) but in College, we can dress the way we want and be our own self.

However, to put your best foot forward and be a fashionista, there are some basics that are a must for your wardrobe. A wise man once said that a person’s personality can be judged from their shoes, and that is why getting your footwear right is as important as getting your clothes right! An amalgamation of comfort and style, of purity and complexity, of old and new- that is what college fashion is all about. And the latest trend in footwear all over the world is sneakers and ballerinas. So how do you pair your sneakers or ballerinas with the clothes that you have for college. Here is a guide to fashion trends for college along with the right footwear to go with it. Each of us is beautiful and these combinations will bring out the best in you for sure!

Super Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans have been a  huge wardrobe staple for quite some time now. And if future trend research has anything to say about the subject, it’s that skinny jeans are going nowhere! A tapered shoe goes best with skinny jeans and so your best bets are pointed ballerinas, classic loafers, slipper style loafers or pumps.

Leggings: Sneakers will always be the number one shoe style to wear with leggings- it’s a match made in heaven! But there are other options- like mules or loafers.

Plaid shirts: Plaid shirts come a long way and so it is no surprise that a lot of designers love them. They are versatile, with a touch of western style, and with the right accessories- can look very sexy. Depending on the way you wear a plaid shirt, wedges, flats or sneakers go best with them.

Florals: Floral prints are so attractive on their own that keeping the footwear simple is the key. If there is too much colour, you will completely loose the plot. You can choose nude or plain coloured sandals, flats or wedges.

Thin stripes: Stripes have always been in fashion and always will be. It is a trend which is making the rounds again and it is vital to match the correct shoes with the thin stripes. Shoes that work great here are ballerinas, flats, sandals and ankle wraps.

Bracelets: Bracelets are a super cool way to accessorise! Big, bulky bracelets are back in fashion and pairing them with your top is the only consideration mostly- but pair your bracelets with your shoes and you will end up creating magic! Match simple coloured bracelets with similar tone ballerinas and metallic bracelets with neutral coloured flats or sandals.

Headbands: There are multiple ways in which you can use the headband. Depending on the headband and the style you wear it in, your footwear will vary. Matching your headbands with footwear is very 90s- it is cool and colourful. If you can carry it off, then this is a great fashion statement to make. Otherwise, just wear similar or matching tones to be on the safe side.

College is the best time of your life and the moments here will stay with you forever. And you certainly want to make an impression on the people here and be looked upon as a fashionable individual. The best tip is to keep it simple- keep it you. Do not copy anyone- be yourself!

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