Beautify Your Home with Simple Things

Home is where the heart is. It is a place we come back to for solitude, peace and a feeling of belonging. And all of us are in a constant pursuit of making our home more beautiful than it was yesterday. Looking for that special piece for the corner, or the bright coloured curtains, or the antique artwork from Rajasthan- and many other things that we do to make our home stand out. But a wise man once said- “There is no beauty greater than simplicity” And the best beautification you can do for your home is from simple things. And not just your home, your personal collections, your memorabilia- they are unique parts of you…and making them prettier is very simple.

There is nothing quite unique like a handmade, exclusively create piece of art, isn’t it? If you served tea to your guests in a tray that was handmade by an artist instead of being factory produced in batches, it speaks volumes about your style and taste.

It shows that you look for quality and authenticity rather than price and duplicity. Even if the tray is not that expensive! And mostly it is not. The times of simple utility in your house are the ones we always take for granted, but they are the ones that give a real impression about you. And a beautiful home is made by simple yet elegant home utilities. A lot of simple utilities in your home also serve an aesthetic purpose.

So how does one beautify their home using the simplest of things? One of the many ways is displaying a great collection on a dining room table. This collection may be of mugs, plates, artefacts or flower pots. In a living room in Atlanta, a table houses Chinese porcelains- very elegant and classy.

Another great way is to mix and match your bedding. Use different block printed bedsheets and use the pillow cover of one with the bedsheet of another! Of course, they should not be completely random but mixing the patterns will add a whole new level of charm to your bedroom and your house. You could try the same things with cushion covers. Use different colours or materials for the cushions on your sofa. Mix and match velvet, crochet, khadi and rayon- this will give a great look and feel to your living room.

One of the simplest ways to make your home stand out is the age old art of Decoupage. What if every room in your home had a story? And the story could be anything that you desire. You can decoupage on bottles, boxes or containers to give an ethnic and contemporary feel or liven it up with brighter decoupage. In a way, you become the designer of your own home! In a house in Hamptons, the owners have used Decoupage and old curtains to cover chairs and tables. A great idea would be to replace one piece of furniture in an otherwise traditional living room with something super modern. Or replacing your conventional fruit basket with a coloured basket- incorporate some modern flair and make your home unique!

One of the simple utilities a lot of us use is a jewellery box. If you are fond of collecting jewellery, which is an important investment, you would want to care for it and keep it secure in a jewellery box. A jewellery box does not hold earrings, necklaces or rings… it holds the symbolism of the choices you have made in life! They are not just material possessions but a part of you- your memories and feelings. A special, handmade box designed exclusively for you is the simple utility that can lighten up your home.

So instead of buying expensive furniture, artefacts and centre pieces, look at the simple utilities in your home and beautify them. The simple everyday handmade items would add more beauty your home at a much lower cost and would be as elegant and classy.