Eco-friendly Skin and Hair Care for Holi 2021

Indian festivals are grand: jam packed with food, festivities and a lot of fun!

Holi is right around the corner, and along with preparing for all the rituals and celebrations, we should focus on preparing ourselves for the festival too.

No, we don’t mean buying a lot of clothes (you did shop slow fashion, right?), we mean pampering and effectively protecting your skin against the stressors that accompany the festival of colours.

Just like any other year, your skin and hair will face a lot of damaging factors this time as well, and it is time to shield against them now.

Even if you choose to celebrate at home this year (which you should read here to know more) surrounded by loved ones, and go for as many eco-friendly holi alternatives as you can, you are still exposed to the harmful sun rays.

Check out these tips to celebrate a safer and greener holi at home this year.

Much like the environment, our bodies are continuously being exposed to increasing amounts of pollutants and irritants over the past decades. Anything that is harming the environment is invariably harming our health too. Afterall, we too are a part of nature.

It is disheartening that we have come to a point where major natural disasters and calamities have become frequent headlines for every other day. There is absolutely no time better than right now to do all in our power to help nature restore its balance and go back to peacefully flourishing. All this, while also making sure to not get overwhelmed by the efforts and changes ourselves.

It is always better to take smaller, more feasible steps and build up to a nature-friendly lifestyle instead of taking a big leap and ending up failing quickly to never start again.

Let us go slow, but go steady. There is so much you can do to embrace a life that not only cares for the well-being of the environment but more importantly, helps you stay healthy too.

Opting for eco-friendly personal hygiene products in preparation of the festive season, and continuing using them is a great way of showing yourself some love. This way you’re not only protecting yourself from the colours and chemicals from holi, but also saving the environment from the severely damaging chemicals used in personal hygiene products.

Here are ways you can take care of your skin and hair for holi 2021:


Oil your hair
Our grandmothers have been after us for oiling our hair frequently for years, and we have been running away from it for equally as long!

Turns out, it wasn’t said in vain- oiling your hair will help blood circulate better in the scalp, and dislodge toxins. This means a better nourished and healthier mane with lesser dandruff!
And for holi, generously putting in oil will form a coat over the length of your hair, and keep any pollutants and chemicals away from the hair.
This oil can be shampooed off easily along the chemicals deposited over it, leaving your tresses as happy as before!

Washing off

You can make your own all-natural shampoo using reetha and shikakai, or you can choose a natural one that is free of bad chemicals.
A good sulphate and paraben free shampoo will leave your hair nourished and clean, instead of drying it out excessively. Eco-friendly shampoos don’t cause product build up on your scalp and save you from dandruff and hair fall.
Preservative and foaming chemicals such as parabens and SLS, respectively, apart from being severely damaging to the quality of hair are also known to accumulate in the environment and harm the flora and fauna.

Post-wash care

Always dry your hair with a soft cloth like an old tee-shirt instead of rubbing them in between a rough towel to prevent split ends.
A good quality hair serum consisting of lightweight nourishing oils is great to maintain a nutritive balance and keep your hair looking ever shiny!

Quirky hats

Sun damage is real. It leaves your hair dull and dry, and it also has the potential to lighten the colour of your tresses.
For an outdoor function like holi, a physical block is your best bet. Opt for colourful and funky hats or go for intricate scarves! This way you can elevate your look along with keeping your hair safe.


This festive season, while picking out eco-friendly gifts for all your friends, family and help, take a moment to pamper yourself too.
Gift yourself the feeling of peace by investing in one of these lovely eco-friendly body care hampers that come replete with natural ingredients that love your skin the way you do.

What is great is, they’re handmade body care products, so you know a person took care to put in ingredients good for your skin.
And they’re made of all biodegradable and eco-friendly components so the environment isn’t harmed either.

Not a fan of pre-made personal hygiene boxes? Or you need just a product or two? You can always go through our large curation of personal hygiene products and choose what suits you best.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while looking for body care products for holi:

Choose handmade organic soap and cleanse away all the deposits on your skin. It will leave your skin nourished and glowing, while also being safe for the planet- these soaps are devoid of any harmful chemicals.
What’s more is that when you choose to buy handmade soaps, you’re supporting local craftsmen and women, and being vocal for local.

An organic scrub will help you get rid of any unwanted debris and depositions, and will leave your skin soft and glowing for the evening.

An oil-heavy moisturiser (or body oil) is preferable for holi.
This is because the oil will form a barrier between your skin and the environment, and any colours will be prevented from being absorbed into the skin. The oil barrier will also reduce the chances of any allergy-inducing substance from coming into direct contact of your skin.
This way, it is also easier to wash off the oil with a good organic soap later on.

Never forget to put sunscreen on before stepping out. It is especially crucial to choose a natural and eco-friendly sunscreen and apply it before stepping out for an outdoor day party like holi.

With these tips in mind, go enjoy your glass of thandai with some homemade sweets, while you look your best and enjoy to the fullest!

A festival of happiness is a very good excuse to start your journey to eco-friendly living, so take that first step this year if you haven’t already.

And it is okay if you slip up once in a while, because,

bura na maano, Holi hai!

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