EcoRight Bags- Passionate About Building A Better World

A startup with a heart is what we can call EcoRight. And meeting Udit Sood, the Founder of this organization actually makes you realize the amount of heart in this venture. After completing his MBA from IIM, Udit did what most people would do. He started his career as Brand Manager in Hindustan Unilever. After a successful stint there, he moved to Zomato as Associate Vice President for their content wing. After working and achieving success in both a large global conglomerate and a startup, he made a life changing decision.

Udit Sood EcoRight Bags

Since many years, Udit had been reading about the effect and role of plastic in eroding our planet’s ecosystem and he decided to do something about it. Garnering experience from two great companies, he set out to build a great company of his own- one that would be good for all of us. His clear idea was to stop the use of plastic in our daily lives.

EcoRight bags was hence started in February 2017 by Udit in association with his father and sister to make affordable and cool, trendy bags. Right from day one and even today when you speak to Udit, he is focused and thinking of his consumer and working hard to reduce the cost of his bags so that they are available at the best price for consumer. It is not just the economics of it according to him, but the bigger impact being created through the use of his bags.

Of course, the business should be self sustaining and generate cash revenue, but the impact on society and our planet is as vital to Udit. The name itself, EcoRight- “what is right for the environment”, says a lot about the brand and the people behind it. And it is not just in their talk and on paper. EcoRight bags is sustainable in every sense of the world.

Currently they have a collaboration with a manufacturing facility that makes export quality bags made of eco-friendly materials. The manufacturing facility that they associate with has been granted the highest standards by Sedex, which is the Society for Ethical Manufacturing. On all four parameters of social sustainability, legal sustainability, ethical sustainability and environmental sustainability, the manufacturing facility of EcoRight bags has scored top marks.

According to Udit, plastic cannot be completely done away with. There are many items that require plastic and are made of plastic, like a microwave oven and a laptop. But the bigger concern is single use plastics like cutlery, bottles and bags which are not reusable and never recycled. With the rise of educated and informed population in India that realizes the need to do something for our environment, eco-friendly and sustainable bags are definitely a starting step.

“The writing is on the wall and all of us know that plastic is bad for our planet. But what are the options? We want to provide an affordable, good looking and comparable option to people.” Says Udit about his venture. So what is the long term goal? Unlike many startups, his goal is not about scaling up or making bigger companies. His goal is to make the world free of single use plastic and ensure everyone buys eco-friendly products. With a goal so noble and operations that are totally green, EcoRight bags is certainly making a big impact in making our world a better place.

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