Navratri- Nine Nights of Revelry and Style!

Navratri or Nau Raatein is just round the corner and the excitement around it is perceptible. Navratri is a festival full of colour and vibrancy, fasting and spiritual beliefs, victory of good over evil and of course-dandiya!

The Navratri festival is celebrated in the Western and Northern parts of the India with vigour and great enthusiasm. You can feel the energy of the Navratri while strolling on the roads of Ahmedabad or in the temples of Delhi to the households of Surat. Indeed people are filled with spiritual belief fasting throughout the day adorning beautiful and intricately designed Chaniya Choli and dancing their hearts out through the night. But the grand event happens on the 10th Day of the Navratri when everyone comes together to celebrate the festival of Durga Pooja. Durga is the deity who depicted strength and fulfilment as she was the goddess who yielded victory over the Buffalo Demon and depicted the power and potentiality of womanhood.

Navratri is also a festival of ethnic and traditional style. And you need to look your best as you dance the night away. Lets now throw light on the nine days of Navratri and plan our styling according to the auspicious colours and tales surrounding each day so that you can become the talk of the town this year and offer your prayers to the beloved deities looking your best.

Day 1- Yellow

The first day is the day to honour the Mata Shailputri or the Daughter of mountain Shail. She embodies the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Auspicious colour to be worn on this day is yellow. Opt for the beautiful and vibrant three layered quilling earrings for the strong and elegant look for the first day of Navratri.

Day 2- Green

The second day of Navratri belongs to Mata Brahmachirni. This goddess blesses its devotees with peace, prosperity and grace and nothing defines grace more than this Green Beads Necklace.

Day 3- Grey

The third day is the day dedicated to Mata Chandraghanta and depicts bravery and great strength as she has the ability to fight battles against demons. On this day, wear a German Silver Rainbow necklace with your elegant ethnic dress and stand apart from the crowd.

Day 4- Orange

The fourth day is dedicated to Mata Kushmanda, who is responsible for the creation of the universe. On this day, it is considered lucky to wear orange and these Quilled Orange earrings will go perfectly with your ensemble for today.

Day 5 – White

Mata Skanda is worshipped on the fifth day and is chosen as the commander in chief in the battles against the demons by the Gods.  Wearing white on this day is considered to bring good luck for the devotees.  Wear these beautiful ethnic balis  with your white dress and dance away!

Day 6- Red

Mata Katyani has the sixth day to her name. Wearing red on this day is considered to bring joy and harmony in the household. Explore your traditional fashion with these beautiful red jhumkis and offer your prayers.

Day 7- Blue

Goddess Kali with her dark complexion, disheveled hair and fearlessness is worshipped on the seventh day of the Navratri. Blue is the colour to worship the Kali and seek her blessings. Get this beautiful Blue Chandbali to match your ensemble today and enjoy the Dandiya beats!

Day 8- Pink

The Mata Gauri is worshipped on the 8th day of Navratri who is the symbol of intelligence, peace and calmness. Wear this authentic pink Banarasi saree and achieve this idol like look that will surely bring praises for your styling as well as your beauty.

Day 9- Purple

Adorn yourself in this beautiful and exquisitively deigned purple monga saree on the ninth day of Navratri to worship Mata Siddhidatri. This is the last day hence enjoyment reaches to a peak on the ninth day. Dance away in this ethnic attire.

This Navratri, adorn yourself in these trendy yet chic handcrafted designs and display your fashion every night!!