Rustic to Vintage: The Journey of Wood

“Age appears best represented in four things:

Old wine to drink,

Old friend to trust,

Old book to read and

Old wood to bring comfort.”

These were the popular lines quoted by Sir Francis Bacon, an English Philosopher highlighting the importance of the various essentials of life.

Wood prevails around our everyday existence. We start our life in a cradle made of wood, toys to play with carved in wood till we leave this world covered in wood. This is how important wood’s existence has become in our life. Just move your head out of the screen of your laptop or mobile phone and look around the existence of wood in your household. From your finely carved wooden doors to your child’s toy thrown on the floor to your wife’s beautifying wooden dressing table, wood has indeed become a major part of our household space and beautified it bringing us closer to the mother nature.

Wood has become such an integral part in today’s life that it’s very existence has become taken for granted. The presence of wood in your lavish dining table to your exquisite sofa sets to your dazzling wooden bangles to your blingy earrings. You just name it and you will get it in wood. Even our usual words consist of quickly prompting “touch wood” if we want to avoid any kind of bad luck for our self. So what are you waiting for-  get started and renovate your everyday thingies in to wooden artefacts.

Advantages of Wood Products:

  • Wood is an organic component in comparison to other materials hence proving to be safe for your little ones.
  • Wood brings a touch of nature to your home at a very minimal cost.
  • Wood maintenance is easy and user friendly.
  • Wooden materials last longer and are easy to store.
  • Wooden materials can be recycled hence you are playing a role in protecting our earth.

After enumerating its various benefits, lets list out some of the happening new wooden stuff that will sure melt your heart and you would want it to be a part of your home:

  • Grab this beautifully carved red wooden clutch and carry it to one of your happening parties in town

  • Amaze your senses every morning during your bath and bring that natural feel in to your bathroom with this amazing and natural wooden soap dish that will surely brighten your day

  • Wake up everyday to the sound of this gorgeous and artistic wooden table clock that will add that extra touch of nature to your bedroom or to your workstation

  • Store away all your exquisite and precious pieces of solitaires or diamonds to your chunky pieces of handicrafts or artificial jewellery in this hand designed wooden jewellery box

  • Welcome your guests with this beautiful piece of nature-  serving hot cups of tea to chilly lemonades on these exquisite wooden trays

So what are you waiting for?! Grab this opportunity and bring this beautiful endowed gift of nature in the form of wood in to your life and make your home more woodly!!!!