Secret To Lustrous Tresses

First of all let me tell you that the genetics of your Hair plays a Major role behind having flawless hair. Don’t believe the hair type shown in advertisements, they aren’t  real.

Every person has a different Hair type, while some tips may suit you and some may not. Nobody knows your Hair better than you and it is important to take good care of them just like we do for rest of our body parts. Excess of anything is bad not just for Hair, but for anything in life. Try to maintain balance, experiment less and lead a Healthy life.

Sharing some of the tips that might help you with your Hair:

  1.  Know you Hair type well, Are they oily or dry and then choose the products accordingly.
  2. If you have Oily Hair, avoid frequent oiling and vice versa in the case of dry hair.
  3. If you live in a polluted region, it is important to wash you hair on regular basis may be 3 times a Week.
  4. Do not experiment with your hair, stick to the products that suits you instead of getting attracted towards every new product that launches.
  5. Avoid heating products on hair as much as possible, they kill hair cell making them rough and weak.
  6. Drink lots of Water and maintain a healthy diet so that hair can get all the proper nutrients, otherwise ask you doctor to prescribe some multi vitamin for hair care.
  7. Do not Comb your hair much, it makes them weak from the roots.
  8. Go for Natural products, avoid the ones with high chemical or artificial contents.
  9. Avoid applying styling products frequently, like hair sprays, colours, serum or any artificial product.
  10. Try Homemade packs or natural hair masks to enhance and enrich them.
  11. Take hair cuts to get rid of the split ends as they can hamper the growth of your hair.

DIY Hair Mask for Damaged Hair:

Combination on 1 Egg yolk, 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil and 1 Tbsp Honey- Apply this for 15 mins and wash them off. Do this once in a Week.

Keep your hair healthy and happy and free from chemicial stuff if you want them to love you in return, take good care. I hope these tip could be of some use to you. Do share your opinion in the comments section or share some other tip too if you have any.


Author: Anisha Agrawal

She is a Mommy to an 8 months old little munchkin. She writes a blog which is like flipping through the pages of her Mommy Journal, where she has her own share of ups and downs in the journey of being a Mom.

Before becoming a Mom, she was all about doing and learning loads of stuff either through classes or through virtual world. This habit of hers triggered her to make her Mommy journey creative and fun after spending 2 super busy months indoor doing mom duties.

Also after becoming a mom, she realised there are so many things a Mother needs to do and she is blessed to have many people around her who guide her through this. But then there are some Moms who lacks that guidance in their life, which inspired her to start posting informative stuff related to pregnancy and parenting. Also she came across so many Moms who don’t get enough time to research about parenting, hence she thought of doing all the informative researches and keep it to the point and easy to be done with minimal availability of stuff around them.

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