Wi- Lo by Vatika: Designer Dreams

In the October of 2017, an advocate named Vatika decided to pursue her dream and gave up a stable future in search of something bigger- her passion for designs and fabrics. Vatika had been designing her own clothes for a long time and in the process had come to understand the minor nuances, trends and way of functioning in the making of apparel. But she also came to understand something bigger- that she loved designing.

Always having a creative streak, she thought of starting her own brand- aptly named “With Love” or “Wi-Lo” in short. The name truly defines her brand as everything created by her is made with immense amount of love and dedication. If you see her designs, you would find an amazing mix of ethnic, contemporary and modern designs with bold colours and gorgeous mix of colours and textures.

A couple of months back, Vatika took the plunge and opened her store in the hub of trousseau and ethnic designer wear- Delhi’’s Shahpur Jat market. This store is the first out of many more to come and functions as her main workplace and manufacturing hub. Be it block printing, digital printing or any other craft, it all gets done here and displayed in her store or online.

“I have no formal education in design. I always thought that would be a hindrance” says Vatika. But as she kept designing more and saw people demand more of her work, her inhibitions vanished. Her brand received acceptance and she kept on gaining confidence. “Every day is a learning experience!” she says excitedly, talking about her latest range, explaining about different types of fabrics and printing used. Her passion shows through clearly in her conversation.

The brand of Wi-Lo is bound to become a success story because Vatika loves her work. She loves to design and work with fabrics and cloth- creating masterpieces out of nothing. What does the future hold for her? “More exhibitions, marketing and my brand reaching everywhere!” We certainly support her enthusiasm, knowing that this brand is one to watch closely.

You can see her exclusive range of beautiful designs by Clicking Here.