Rustic Art: Organic From India to the World

It is always inspirational to listen to stories about brands that started at the grassroots and are today making a mark for themselves. One such brand we recently came across is Rustic Art.

Rustic Art is a brand of organic and natural line of products ranging from body care, hair care, baby products, men’s grooming, personal hygiene to menstrual hygiene. We got in touch with their owner and main person running operations, Surabhi Jaju and tried to learn more about the thought and belief behind it.

Wudbox: How old is your brand? When did it all start?

Surabhi: We are a brand of personal care and home care products handmade with natural, organic and bio-degradable ingredients. Rustic Art was founded in 2011 by Sunita Jaju. We started off with a line of organic bathing soaps and today have a range of products for hair care, skin care, laundry care, etc. We also have products for babies, menstrual hygiene and men’s grooming.

Wudbox: You seem to have come a long way. But how was the beginning like?

Surabhi: Don’t you feel that We are never able to find high-quality organic personal care products easily in the market. We faced the same problem and, we started making our own at home. However, that’s not possible for everyone who might be interested in organic products. So, we realised there was a need that we could fill and a problem that we could try solving. That’s how we started out initially with a line of organic soaps.

Wudbox: What was the inspiration behind Rustic Art?

Surabhi: The inspiration behind this business was the fact that we used natural substitutes for soap and laundry at our home. It is so important for us in today’s time to give up chemicals and go back to natural ingredients. We are trying to just play our part and do that. In the beginning, our products extended to friends, social circle and the community. And we got great reviews! So, it seemed like a natural progression to give it an organized structure.

Wudbox: What have been the challenges along the way?

Surabhi: Most of our challenges were about working in a commercial space with a

product line that is handmade and organic when the word “organic” itself was so new and unknown. So we had to first help people understand what it meant. Scalability, maximizing our reach and working with a minimal marketing budget have been and still are our key challenges. But the major challenge, and thrill has been creating awareness about our product range- and  we have loved every bit of it.

Wudbox: How do you see the future? What is the next goal?

Surabhi: We are in the process of setting up a larger unit where we will be able to produce more. It has taken us many years to be able to do that but it’s happening now! We have plans to bring in a  new and innovative product range into the market very soon. We also look forward to expand our brand into international market. Overall, we want to give a larger range of natural and organic products to the consumer so that they make the right choice.

Speaking to Surabhi and looking at her conviction truly made us believe that Rustic Art is achieving all its milestones and more! We stand by and salute this awesome brand. To see their exclusive organic product range, click here or go to