Wedding Jewellery Trends: All About Temple Jewellery

The wedding season is coming close and with the new environment of social distancing and avoiding crowded places, shopping for weddings is going to be a challenge. But before you even start on your shopping spree, let’s get to know the new trends and styles that you can pick out from. And one item that is a show stealer at all weddings is the jewellery- isn’t it? A simple accessory that can make you look ravishing and needs to be picked out carefully. Before you start buying your jewellery for the upcoming weddings, read on a little bit more about Temple Jewellery.

Santati Short Neck Piece

One of the most liked and beautiful style of jewellery is Temple Jewellery– Surely you have heard of it and if you haven’t then this article will definitely bring you up to speed! Temple Jewellery is a great fashion trend and has been sported by many stars like Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan, both on screen and off screen.

Temple Jewellery is a kind of ethnic jewellery designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. Originally, it was made with gold embedded with different types of precious stones and gems. In order to endow a classic look to the jewellery, semiprecious stones may also added. Nowadays, they are also available in different metals like silver, copper and bronze but the look of these pieces is so regal that they can make even an understated outfit stand out.

Anahi Black Long Neck Piece

Temple Jewellery typically symbolises South India but use of some North Indian stones like ruby and emerald have made it popular in all parts of the country. 

Origin of Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery originated in the 9th century during the Chola Dynasty. The base metal is usually gold but can also be silver or bronze. It is made into different shapes like Gods, Goddesses, lotus, peacock and other regal animals. The most popular cities making this kind of jewellery are Nagercoil and Thanjavur.

Kanaka Dangler Earrings

What makes Temple Jewellery different is the religious sentiment attached to it. It is considered very auspicious for weddings and happy occasions. 

Varieties of Temple Jewellery

Whether it is a necklace, earrings or bangles, all Temple Jewellery looks regal and gorgeous. It could be simple or heavy, plain or embedded with stones and come in different price bands depending on base metal and other embellishments. Among the most common designs are lotus, peacock, Gods, waves and others. These are visible in all varieties of Temple Jewellery.

Kala Short Neck Piece

Short Necklace: Gracing the neck beautifully and ideal for understated, simple clothing.

Long Necklace: Considered the original and authentic Temple Jewellery icon, long necklace is the quintessential item of jewellery for weddings

Gauri Long Neck Piece

Earrings: Danglers, Jhumka or simple Moti studs- Temple Jewellery earrings are always beautiful and ideally suited for all wedding and formal attire.

Choker: A novel Temple Jewellery item is the Choker that is super graceful and looks amazing on ethnic wear. Embedded with different kinds of precious or semiprecious stones, this is a must- have.

Round Pathakam Earrings in Twin Rings

With evolving new designs and different kinds of modern looks, Temple Jewellery is now a regal mix of traditional and modern. With multiple design varieties of layering, length variations, different kinds of stones, mix of colour and metal, Temple Jewellery is ideal for the upcoming wedding season.

You can check out some of the designs that we have or write to us if you want to know more about Temple Jewellery or what to shop for this wedding season!

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