The New World of Handbags

Do you know what almost every designer, socialite, actress, celebrity and fashion admirer focussed on this Fall/Winter and now Spring Collection? Hand bags! There is something about handbags that is so extraordinary that the designs and styles are being played around with radically. “A hand bag is not just a bag- it shows my personality an attitude” says Halle Berry at a fashion event in Miami. It is said that the way you hold your handbag speaks so much about your personality, temperament and the mood of the moment. Whether you carry your cross-body bag in front of the body thus spitting out your feeling shy or wear your tote in the crook of elbow thus declaring status and position being your priorities, handbags have their powerful say in this sphere to truly define you.

There is a whole range of handbags that are visible on the ramp, in stores and online for you to select your favourite piece. But here is what was trending over the past 6 months at various events across the globe.

If there is one fall 2016 handbag trend that has got everyone hooked on, it is the trend of printed and embellished handbags- they are everywhere you go! Displaying her handbag at an even in Paris, Emma Watson says “This is a Fendi with floral prints and pink undertone- it goes with most of my clothes which are a solid colour”.

Dolce & Gabbana is calling the shots in this category with its myriads of sophisticated designs- box pieces and other handbag styles encrusted with gems, floral embellishments and prints. Gucci is not far behind with its own take on prints and embellishments- “Fashion in bags is so huge and dynamic” states Alessandro Michele from Gucci “it is ever evolving and we need to constantly reinvent!”

Also visible at major fashion events were a range of handbags with some botanical and abstract embroidery- a trend that is surely catching up. It is at Christopher Kane, however, that you will find lovely crocheted flowers attached here and there adorning the handbag and bringing in a different texture.

Bags with a chain were also visible around fashion circles “A bag with a chain is so elementary- just the addition os a small detail in the form of a chain adds so much glitz to everyday uniform” says Claudia Cividino from Miu Miu at Tokyo.

The world is going Ga-Ga over handbags and rightly so. If you do not have the right hand bag, it just doesn’t feel right- isn’t it?! And what’s more- another recent trend is hand woven, hand decorated and completely hand made bags. Sonam Kapoor was seen carrying a hand made wooden clutch bag in Mumbai.

The easiest way to lift your spirits is to up your bag game. Trust us, try it. Shop for handmade, floral, wooden or different designs catch up to the latest in world fashion.

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