Your Personality on your Sleeve

In the world of digitisation and artificial intelligence, all of us are hooked on to our laptops. A laptop has become more than just a computer- it is a locker containing all our information, our records, our wallet, our work, our life events- everything. With online payments becoming the norm, a laptop has become a major tool for us in addition to the smart phone. But these are all technical usages of a laptop. But it is not just a technical thing any more.

A laptop is you- it defines you- your style and your attitude. Have you not made an impression about people when they open their laptop in front of you? A recent trend in this direction was laptop skins and laptop art. You can give any look to the back of your laptop- shattered glass, nature, your favourite cartoon character, maps, words to describe your personality, brands, animals, shapes- you name it and it is available. If you want something custom made, an artist can create something for you. But why do we put a laptop skin?

A laptop skin is basically a vinyl based self adhesive sticker. The most common reason for someone to use it is to stand out in the crowd and be unique. Other reasons include preventing damage from scratches, expressing your personality and working as a simple make over for the laptop. Why have a boring company logo on your laptop when you can express whatever you like? As an extension of this, here is a question- do you carry your laptop in your hands all the time? Or is it in the bag?

Most of us would carry our laptop in a laptop bag. An alternative is using a laptop sleeve. What is the difference? Choosing a bag or sleeve is a personal decision and has just as much to do with your lifestyle and the way you use your laptop, as it does with the size and model of the computer. Essentially, bags are larger cases that offer more protection and more storage space than sleeves. Sleeves offer minimal protection, but are sleek and lightweight.

Backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, and top loaders are the four main kinds of laptop bags. Laptop bags are distinguished from sleeves by their roomy interior and by the adjustable carrying strap or handles. They are roomy enough to carry the laptop, computer accessories and personal items. They typically have all types of pockets to hold the charger, thumb drives, cell phone, tablet computer, and items like books and files, as well as a bottle of water and snacks. These roomy and versatile bags are perfect for all kinds of people, including the student, the businessperson, and the mom on the go. Typically, users store their laptop in the bag and use it daily on their trips to work, school, and gym, as well as weekends away and vacations.

A laptop sleeve is a very basic and slim covering for the laptop, like an envelope. Sleeves generally do not have handles or extra room for anything else beyond maybe a cell phone or USB drive. While some sleeves are lightly padded, most do not have the level of padding bags can offer. Sleeves are lightweight, sleek, and protect the laptop from bumps, dirt, and scratches. The sleeves come in a much wider variety of patterns and designs than the bags.

All of us carry our laptops in bags or sleeves. But laptop bags are usually boring and uninteresting. Sleeves on the other hand, can have designs and shapes to make them unique. And ultimately, it is all about being unique. All about standing out in the crowd. To show who you are. There are multiple kinds of designs on laptop sleeves- machine made and handmade. You can choose from a variety of them and see which suits your personality best.

We recently bought laptop sleeves for our friends and tried out handmade sleeves by Mom’s Creation- we were pleasantly surprised to see the finesse and quality of the sleeve. It was very well made and the design was subtle yet exuberant. Perfectly describing our friends’ personality.

In the digital world of today, making a statement is not going to be about the watch you wear. It is going to be the bag you carry and the sleeve you carry your laptop in. That is the first impression and we all know it is vital to make a good first impression.

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