Eco Friendly with Bamboo

  In today’s world of fast travel and 24-hour electricity, the demand on our planet has magnified by many levels. We have evolved into a global community where the advent of newer technologies, industry, factories, manufacturing, shipping, transport etc. has led to pollution, overuse of our natural resources and usage and reliance on non renewable […]

Handloom Simplified

You’re out shopping for that party you are going to. And amongst the multiple varieties of clothes, you struggle to find out your perfect piece. And when you finally sit down and the shopkeeper starts explaining the material and the making of it- you go “What?” Has this ever happened to you? Or are you […]

Be The College Fashionista!!

College is about to start and you are frantically trying to figure out your look for the coming session. Whether you are a fresher or not, college for all of us means exploring our fashion and defining our personalities. In school, we were stuck with boring uniforms (although uniforms have also become cooler over the […]

The New World of Handbags

Do you know what almost every designer, socialite, actress, celebrity and fashion admirer focussed on this Fall/Winter and now Spring Collection? Hand bags! There is something about handbags that is so extraordinary that the designs and styles are being played around with radically. “A hand bag is not just a bag- it shows my personality […]